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Albatross Citrus Screen Opener

AlbaChem®Citrus Screen Opener instantly unclogs any screen while still on the press. Dissolves most types of ink, fresh and old. It is made for use on photographic stencils or water soluble hand-cut film only. 15 oz. can. Instantly unclogs any screen Use while still on press Works on all types of ink, fresh or old Great for spot clean ups Leaves no film

Albatross Clear Screen Screen Opener

AlbaChem Clear Screen is an aerosol spray designed to clear and open printing screens of dried inks and other dissolvable substances. The unique formula does not contain any water and will not soften emulsions. It is made for use on photographic stencils or water soluble hand-cut film only. Instantly unclogs any screen Use while still on press Works on all types of ink, fresh or old Great for spot clean ups Leaves no film

Albatross Super Flash Adhesive

AlbaChem Premium Flash Adhesive is a unique mist adhesive spray that is activated by the heat produced by flash cure units. Unlike other adhesive sprays which either lose their tack or become "gummy" from a flash, Premium Flash Adhesive is made to be flashed! With each flash, the tack of Premium Flash Adhesive increases. Ideal for high speed automatic presses with multiple flashes. Increase the number of turns before re-application with Premium Flash Adhesive. -Stable at High Temperatures -Less Frequent Re-application -Will not Transfer -Maintains Tack with Multiple Flashes
From $11.24

Albatross Alba/Chem Dri-Web Foam Adhesive

Special purpose adhesive spray designed for use in the upholstery, bedding and furniture industries. The unique webbing spray pattern gives an instant grab while remaining repositionable. Once dry, the foam is bonded to the other surface. Provides a much greater tack than mist adhesive sprays. Dri-Web will not stain or soak through fabrics. -Ideal for all foam bonding applications -Instant grab- repositionable -Clear- Non-staining -Non-chlorinated -Web spray pattern
From $11.66

Albatross Expert Premium 303 Spot Removing Fluid - 1 Gallon

Premium 303 completely removes cured plastisol inks, most water-based inks, flock lettering and adhesives from all textiles. Its unique oxygenated formula leaves fabric free of any trace of the ink smudge. 303 contains only first quality virgin solvents and is crystal clear in color. -Most powerful spot cleaning fluid manufactured. -Does not contain any petroleum distillates. -Fast drying -Does not contain any acetone or other ketones. -No flashpoint detected.

Albatross alba/Chem Sten-X RFU Stencil Remover

Sten-X Stencil Remover is a "ready for use" emulsion remover. Sten-X quickly breaks down emulsion for fast efficient screen reclamation. Biodegradable and VOC free Sten-X is perfect for printers who do not want to make their own emulsion removers. -Ready to use, regular strength emulsion remover -Has superior wetting prperties -No precipitation of active ingredients

Alba/Chem Haze Free Ghost & Haze Remover - Gallon

A liquid haze remover that is very effective on inks and emulsions. Non-caustic. Haze Free is a powerful haze and ghost remover that works quickly to dissolve ink and residual emulsion stains from all types of mesh. Drain safe and biodegradable, Haze Free is the most effective Haze Remover on the market. Specifically formulated to remove imbedded U.V. and plastisol inks (haze and ghost images) that remain on the screen. -Emulsifies and dissolves the ink constituents; resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc. -The solution suspends these constituents so re-attachment to the mesh surface is prohibited, thus allowing for water rinse removal. -Excellent degreaser, as it also removes dirt, residues and sizing.

Albatross G.D.R. Screen Wash - Gallon

* Fast Acting * Non Toxic * Biodegradable * Water Soluble Formula SC100 safety solvent will instantly remove plastisol, vinyl, enamel, UV, lacquer and many other inks. It is ideally suited for use in washout booths and screen cleaning tanks, as well as a direct spray safety solvent. This exceptional product is economically priced, while having the added advantage of being water-dilutable, giving it extended capacity for cleaning.

Albatross- Alba/Chem Bioprep Mesh Preparation Degreaser- Gallon

Bioprep degreaser is the final step in the screen reclamation process. Bioprep removes any residual oils and contaminants that may remain on the screen from, inks, emulsions, cleaning agents or even hands. This quick and inexpensive step insures that emulsion will adhere to the screen properly with no weak points or "fish eyes". Proper degreasing now saves time and money on press later. -A non-flammable, non-hazardous, low V.O.C., biodegradable degreaser. -Non abrasive fabric treatment that acts like a wetting agent for use on all synthetic and wire screen mesh. -Provides an even sheeting of water for complete uniform stencil adhesion. -Improves film lamination and bonding of direct photo emulsions. -For use before each stencil preparation.

Albatross SPIF II Spot Remover-GAL

Albatross S.P.I.F. II Spot Remover. One Gallon. S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain any methylene chloride, perchloroethylene or any other chemical requiring a cancer warning. It completely removes all cured ink marks from all types of textiles. Unlike regular S.P.I.F. and other methylene chloride based products, S.P.I.F. II has a high T.L.V. and is not subject to methylene chloride exposure monitoring standards and medical surveillance requirements. S.P.I.F II does not contain any ketones (like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone) and is not considered a flammable liquid. **Must Be Used with a Spot Cleaning Gun. Will NOT work through manual use.**

Albatross/ Albachem Scorch Remover - Pint

Expert products scorch off removes light scorching. Non-flammable. Works on cotton and poly. Revolutionary product that can save you lost dollars due to scorching. Simply spray on the scorched area and run back through your dryer.

Expert 3000 Spot Cleaning Gun

A high quality spot cleaning gun at a low price. It is perfect for t-shirt shops, embroiderers and retailers. Powerful pinpoint stream. Variable spray nozzle. Wide mouth 16 oz. reservoir. 40 watt motor. Vapor lock switch. adhustable flow rate. Features Include: 3000 PSI of power. Adjustable nozzle. Powerful pinpoint stream. Brass pump cylinder. Adjustable flow rate. Large capacity canister.