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Blades & Knives

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#1 Knife without Blade #86

No. 1 Knife for precision cutting and trimming Use #10, #11, #12, #13, #16 or #17 blades
From $1.62

Olfa "Silver" - Stainless Steel Deluxe Model - Extra Thin

This stainless steel cutter is perfect for use in moist environments (wall papering, window tinting, etc.) where rust is a concern. The slim design makes it a popular choice.
From $6.11

Single Edge Razor Blades #9 - closeout

*Box of 100 Blades

Olfa Model "A-1" - Professional Model for Craftsmen

The "A-1" features the famous steel blade channel for strength and a positive slide lock. The Molded handle provides excellent control.
From $4.76

Olfa Model "180" - Combines Economy & Quality

The modern version of the original cutter developed by OLFA. This value-priced cutter is perfect for general home / office use for light duty cutting jobs.
From $3.41

Olfa Model "300" - Heavy Duty Handle

Larger than other standard duty cutters, the "300" provides more leverage for tougher cutting projects.
From $5.03

X-Acto #11 Blades, 100 pack

100 Pack

Standard Snap-Off Replacement Blades - 50 pack

Standard-duty, stainless steel snap-off replacement blades.

Blade #11

5 Pack