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Blanket & Roller Washes

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Hurst 113 Glaze Remover- Gal.

NOTE: A Hazardous Shipping Fee will be added in addition to regular shipping charges. Removes dried inks, glazes, or grease without leaving a residue. Dries instantly without damage to rollers or blankets. Fast acting deglazer & time saver • Works instantly to dissolve grease, loosen dried ink, strip away glaze, and soften dried varnish without harm to rubber surfaces. • Does not need to be wiped off or flushed out. Exceptionally powerful • It can turn crystallized varnish into an easily wiped off powder. • Dried ink lifts off from metal pieces like ink-knives and ink fountain trays. • Concentrated formula only requires a small amount of solvent to thoroughly deglaze rubber surfaces. • Potent chemical action reduces manual labor.