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Blockout Liquids

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Chromaline 421 Blockout Red Image Mate- Gal

An inexpensive, water-based solution used as a plastisol, UV and solvent-based ink barrier. This bright red blockout and touchup liquid has just the right viscosity to spread easily over every mesh count. Solvent-enhanced agents greatly reduce dry times, yet the formula is nonflammable. Blockout 421 is water-soluble therefore, it is not intended for use with water-based inks.

Chromaline Degreaser 260

A multi-purpose, concentrated citrus product that does the job of 3 products! This non-abrasive, water-based formula degreases new and used mesh and removes unwanted residue. As a nonflammable ink degrader, it emulsifies inks for easy water removal before reclaiming. Finally, it is a safe, non-caustic screen dehazer that will not deteriorate the mesh and will not burn skin or clothing. Freeze/thaw stable.