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Burnishine, Printers Pride and Plate Saver

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Burnishine Thumbs Up Professional Hand Cleaner - 64oz.

Our hand cleaner is formulated to remove even the toughest ink, grease, dirt, and stains. Thumbs Up contains soft polymer scrubbers that won't scratch skin, is solvent free and contains moisturizers to keep hands soft. Thumbs Up is economocial to use and lasts a long time. A little goes a long way! FEATURES/BENEFITS * Quickly and safely removes ink, grease, dirt and stains. * Solvent-free formula contains unique soft polymer scrubbers that won't scratch skin. * Neutral pH; contains moisturizers to keep skin soft. * Rinses clean - leaves no residue on hands, sinks or pipes! * Fresh, clean fragrance. * Long shelf life; will not separate in hot climates

Burnishine Putz Pomade, Paste 15-1/4oz Can

Rejuvenates and conditions blankets and rollers Stops glazing and stripping Cleans and extends life of OPC drums on digital presses Available in paste or liquid

Burnishine Putz Pomade, Liquid - 15oz

Cut color change time by 50%. Even black to yellow. Rejuvenates rollers and blankets, eliminates glazing, prevents stripping and reduces down time. Easily Removed with clean up sheet or blade.

Burnishine Clear Gel Glaze Remover- 32oz. bottle

Non-Abrasive roller and blanket cleaner that increases ink affinity to produce brighter colors and sharper reproductions. Use daily to extend roller life.

Printers Pride Universal Fountain Solution - Gallon

Universal Fountain Solution Concentrate is the most dependable and forgiving fountain solution ever developed for small presses running metal plates. UFS contains special wetting agents to help prevent problems associated with alkaline paper. CLICK FOR ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION AND BENEFITS

Printer's Pride Universal Fountain Solution SM Gallon

This truly universal solution works equally well on all metal and silver based plates. Universal SM provides excellent protection from both alkaline paper and carbonless paper problems. It provides wide latitude, high quality, trouble-free printing.

Burnishine Ultrafount Fountain Solution, Gallon

Ultrafount was developed to instantly allow printers to reduce alcohol usage by 50% the first time it's used! Ultrafount can easily allow printers to run alcohol free when used in conjunction with an alcohol substitute, or will allow your shop to run with minimal amounts of alcohol. Ultrafount helps maintain proper pH and conductivity, and is especially helpful in humid environments. CLICK FOR MORE PRODUCT DETAILS AND BENEFITS

Burnishine/ Printer's Pride Universal SM Plus Fountain Solution - Gal

SM Plus Fountain Solution is a truly universal fountain solution that works well on metal, silver, and polyester laser plates. SM Plus is highly concentrated and provides excellent protection from alkalinity, carbonless paper problems, and is especially helpful in dry conditions, or when more wetting is needed. SM Plus contains added ingredients to help ink dry faster.

Burnishine Plate Care - Quart

One step metal plate finisher, cleaner & protectant. One step cleaner and preserver for all metal plates, even violet and thermal plates. Excellent storage solution that provides superior protection against oxidation. Easily removed, will not blind plate.

Burnishine Plate Sav-ur - Quart

Removes scratches instantly. Also removes scum, gum, streaks and oxidation.

Burnishine Plate Sav-ur - Gallon

Removes scratches instantly. Also removes scum, gum, streaks and oxidation.

Burnishine Gold Miracle - Quart

For laser, polyester and silvermaster plates. Sharpens fine lines and halftones while eliminating toning. Removes fingerprints, cleans and conditions.

Burnishine Aqua Blue - Quart

Cleaner, conditioner and scratch remover for Aqueous Plates. FEATURES: Quickly removes ink—including UV - scum, light scratches, gum, and oxidation Makes plates more ink receptive and desensitizes plates for longer, higher quality runs Excellent for “on-the-fly” cleaning Provides sharper images and prolongs the life of the plate

Burnishine Chrome Roller Cleaner & Desensitizer - Quart

Keeps ink from sticking by desensitizing. Protects chrome from oxidation and corrosion. Reduces clean up time.

Burnishine Pro 3 Universal Fountain Solution - Gallon

Scientifically blended, balanced and buffered to make the press operators job easier. Provides superior results with virtually all types of plates and inks Requires no special handling or additives. Performs equally will on all presses and dampening systems.