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Cap Presses

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The MAXX™ Cap Heat Press

Decorating caps is effortless with the new MAXX™ Cap Heat Press. With an easy-to-operate clamshell design, the MAXX™ Cap Press has digital time and pressure readouts, as well as a cap hold-down device to prevent graphics from shifting. Additional cap platens can be purchased for heat pressing on a variety of different size caps including low profile, oversize, full and low crowns. Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 40lbs. 26" x 15" x 20" Watts/Amps: 500W/4.5A Features: -Under center pressure adjustment -3/16" (0.5cm) HRPO laser quality steel framework for seamless technology -Auto reset timer and LED readout -Space-saving clamshell design -Floatational heat platen

HPN Heat Press 15 x 15

High Pressure Heat Press Machine is unmatched in quality and craftsmanship in its size class. A complete commercial quality, business grade heat press at an unbeatable price. Every mechanical and technical detail has been developed with precision. The powerful clamp mechanism ensures increased leverage and torque with minimal effort. Provides complete end-to-end even pressure and heating. Top of its class digital temperature and timer gauge provides accurate readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degree Measure. FEATURES: -Rugged and durable for years of trouble-free performance -Opens approximately 70 degrees -Thick items capable (up to 1 inch thick) -Full pressure range knob -Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge -Padded reinforced double bar "strong handle" for easy high pressure application -Scratch resistant baked-on paint -Adjustable low to high pressure clamp -Full range heating coils for quick heat up -Heat indication light -Electronic time control indicates completion of heat press cycle -Electronic constant temperature control systems for accuracy of 4 degrees -Complete commercial business grade SPECIFICATIONS: -Teflon coated heat platen -Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure -Digital Temperature Control -Digital Automatic Timer -Double Fuse -Protection Layer -Heat Press Style: Clamshell -Voltage: 110V - 120V -Temperature Range: 0 - 700 degree Fahrenheit -Wattage Rating: 1400 Watts -Time Range: 0-999 Seconds

Hat Heat Press

This machine has become the heat press of choice for those in the profitable cap printing market. This heat press features an exclusive cap hold device that keeps your cap in place during application and transfers. FEATURES: -Full pressure adjustable low to high pressure clamp -Digital time and temperature gauge -Temperature gauge readable in Fahrenheit & Celsius degree measure -Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge with large read out -Silicon wrapped swing away bar for easy "out of the way" application -Full range heating coils for quick heat up -Adjustable timer alarm indictes completion of heat press cycle -Automatic alarm and time starts when heat press is engaged -Energy efficient electrical system -Precision heat adjustment of single degree upward or downward movement -Automatic alarm and time start when heat press is engaged SPECIFICATIONS: -3.5" X 5.5" Heat Platen 3.5" X 5" Lower Heat Platen -Power: 300W -Time Range: 0-999s -Temperature Range: 0-500 Degree Fahrenheit