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Cleaning Supplies

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Camera Care Kit

Lens Cleaning kit includes blower brush, bottle of lens cleaning fluid and 25 sheet package of lens cleaning tissue.

Ilford Anti-Static Cloths

Ilford 13" x 13" Anti-Static Cloths are long lasting and assure dust free transparencies, lenses & glass carriers.

Lens Cleaning Paper - 50 Sheets

Lens Cleaning Paper is a soft, absorbent paper, that is safe for use on the finest lenses. The paper is lint-free and chemically pure. Package Contains 50 3" x 5" sheets.

Sima Lens Pen

The 2-In-One Lens Cleaning System. Won't scratch or damage lenses. Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out. Use with camera lenses, binoculars and camcorders. Removes fingerprints, smudges and grease marks with ease. Safe for all lenses, including multi-coated surfaces. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Features handy, high quality retractable lens cleaning brush.