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Emulsion & Haze Removers

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Ulano #4 Stencil Remover Liquid, Select Size

Ready-to-use stencil liquid remover for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions, CDF Direct-Films, and Pulsar indirect film from all types of mesh including metalized polyester. Will not etch mesh; contains no strong alkalis or hypochlorites. Ideal for use in tanks: will not attack adhesives on stretch and glue frames; tank heating unnecessary. Odor free Instructions -Remove ink with the proper solvent. -Use Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 to remove solvent residues and to help speed the action of the stencil remover. Rinse thoroughly. -Use a soft brush to apply Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 on the screen from both sides. -Wait five minutes - no longer. Do not allow the stencil remover to dry on the screen, as this can result in a permanent stencil. -Wash away the stencil with a hard spray of water, preferably a power spray. -Tank method: Dilute Stencil Remover No. 4 with water (no more than 1:2) - but only after thorough testing. It is recommended, however, that Ulano No. 4 be used at full strength for fastest and most thorough stencil removal. Health & Safety Information Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 is a strong oxidant. It can cause skin irritation; use gloves. Keep the container closed tightly. Clean spills immediately. First Aid: In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water. If irritation develops, contact a physician.