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Exposure Units

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Bab's Exposure Unit 1620E Free Shipping

This exposure unit is a great compact unit that uses a UV Black Light System for the perfect frequency and minimum exposure time. We also have an exclusive artwork, pin registration that allows you to pre-register your artwork for a faster set-up. This table top unit takes up very little space and stores easily. This unit measures 20"X25"X5" and is only about 43lbs. -Registration Pins for Artwork Alignment -8 Carrier Sheets -16"X20" Image Area -Optically Clear Glass Top, 1/4" Thick with Polished Edges for Safety -Cover Includes Foam to Ensure Close Contact of Film Positive to Glass -Four 15 Watt High Intensity Unfiltered Black Light Fluorescent Bulbs -120V Power Supply -6' UL Listed Power Cord -Powder Coated Finish -5 Year Limited Warranty -Made in U.S.A.

Vastex E20-2024 LED

Vastex E-20 LED Exposure Unit The entry-level E-20 light box offers the same fast exposure times for producing high resolution half-tones and crisp detail as higher end models. Equipped with two 15" VLB-15 LED light bars, it comes with an analog timer for automatic shut-off and a pressure plate to create tight glass-positive-screen contact. The glass exposure surface can be purchased seperately from Vastex or supplied by the customer.

Bab's Basic Exposure Unit

Includes: -500 Watt Hologen Bulb -Exposure Stand -15"X18" Screen Support Board -14"X17"Glass -Instructions