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Fixers For Black & White

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Kodak Powder Fixer - Gallon

This general-purpose hardening fixer is for films, plates and papers. It mixes to working strength. Powder makes 1 Gallon.
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Kodak Kodafix Solution - Quart

A general-purpose single-solution concentrated hardening fixer with long life and high capacity. - Dilute 1:3 for use with film -Dilute 1:7 for use with paper

Rapid Fixer w/hardener - Makes 1 Gallon

Kodak Rapid Fixer is a fast acting liquid fixer, for machine, tray, or tank processing. For use with film and paper. Consists of two liquid concentrates: Solution A (the fixer concentrate) and Solution B (the hardener concentrate). The hardener may be omitted if desired.