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DT-37 Red Runner Sleeve

Fits Roller Diameters: 2.527-2.615 Inches Fits Roller Lengths: 35-37 Inches


Concentrated Liquid Roller and Blanket Deglazer Revitol is a concentrated detergent and rejuvenator developed to remove glaze and restore natural tack; revitalize and rejuvenate rollers and blankets. Revitol gains its cleaning action as a detergent, not through strong solvency. It quickly penetrates into the roller surface, opening up rubber pores and removing both gum glaze and ink glaze. Revitol improves printing quality and reduces down - time by deep-cleaning rollers and increasing their ink receptivity and ink transfer ability.

Vanson Quickson Pro Process Magenta - 2.2 LB - DISCONTINUED - 2 AVAILABLE

Quickson Pro is exciting addition to the Van Son line of quality oil-based inks. Formulated to work with ease on any size press you operate, and on any application. It offers the Van Son quality and convenience you've come to know and expect for an amazingly low price.

Allied Ink Repellant, 6-ounce tube - DISCONTINUED - 3 AVAILABLE

Ink Repellant is designed to reduce/eliminate the unwanted accumulation of ink on the impression cylinder. Ink Repellant will help prevent picking and piling problems associated with those heavy coverage 2 sided jobs. For the surface on paper cutter beds it removes all the oxidation that has built up over the years, leaving a slick surface to slide paper over.

Anchor ARS-JP Alcohol Replacement, Gal - DISCONTINUED - 3 AVAILABLE

ARS-JP is a strong alcohol replacement, proven to be effective on presses equipped with continuous dampening systems. It is recommended for Dahlgren type dampening systems.

Anchor ARS-X 2951, Gallon - DISCONTINUED - 3 AVAILABLE

2951 ARS-X has proven to be effective in eliminating alcohol on presses equipped with continuous dampening systems. This substitute contains no HAPS and, when used in conjunction with an EMERALD fountain solution, provides a non-HAPS alcohol replacement package.

CF400 12" x 12" Stretch Wrap

12 x 12 stretch wrap, perforated, 1000 sheets on a roll, Blue Label CF-400