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Laser Transparent

FOREVER Laser Transparent paper is a premium heat transfer paper for printing custom t shirts. FOREVER Laser Transparent features a unique transfer layer that can be applied as a full sheet or as a self-weeding print, with no excessive background. It's a great option for high quality, and especially wash fast, results on light color t shirts and other textile surfaces. Laser printable heat transfer paper for t shirts and apparel items. Can be applied with self-weeding results or full transfer sheet application. A great option for a wide range of standard fabrics, or textile surfaces such as canvas, jute, etc. Compatible with most standard laser printers - please note, due to the widely varying nature of laser printing technology on the market, we cannot guarantee papers with ANY laser printers outside of the OKI Data models that we support. We recommend checking with the manufacturer ahead of time to ensure your printer does not heat up over 350F to ensure best results. Must be applied by heat press application only - cannot be applied with conventional home iron. Not recommended to be used with HP or Brother printers due to lower quality of toner.

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