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#1 Knife without Blade #86

No. 1 Knife for precision cutting and trimming Use #10, #11, #12, #13, #16 or #17 blades
From $1.62

1" Translucent Paper Tabs with black backing

5,000/ roll Made from a certified, litho-coated, moisture treated face stock to provide consistent high speed application and 50-50 fold over sealing. The adhesive is specifically designed for high initial stick to a wide range of material surfaces. The backing sheet is custom treated for the high speed dispensing of small labels. The tabs meet or exceed postal compliance requirements for adhesion to surface "a through h," and also comply with or exceed tensile strength requirements "type I and type II." Made in the USA.

1" x 8" x 3" Pile Separator

Pile separators or paper wedges are used to assure accurate leveling of stock piles. Use on feeder end for positive pick-up and on delivery end to assist in proper jogging. Longer length permits closer adjustments. Smooth, thin lead edge allows for easy insertion in stack without damaging stock.

1/4" Round Hole Plastic Hole Tab

Made of .005 polyester. Used to reinforce holes punched in masking materials. Self-adhesive backing. 250 pieces in dispenser box.

12" x 12" Shrink Wrap

12 x 12 Shrink Wrap, Perforated Rolls, 1100 Sheets Per Roll, Red Label CF-6HS, Not Centerfold

12" x 2000' Shrink Wrap, Not Perforated or Centerfold

12" x 2000' Shrink Wrap, Not Perforated, Not Centerfold

16 oz. Wash-Up Bottle

Durable, clear wash bottle has a one-piece cap that prevents leaking and resists most common shop chemicals.

3/4" x 60 yards

From $1.79

8" C-Thru Proportional Scale

8" diameter proportional scales for the calculation of enlargements, reduction of photographics, artwork and layouts. Provides the number of times of reduction as well as the percentage of enlargement or reduction. To avoid confusion fractions printed in blue enable calculations below 1".
From $5.06

8" Polyolefin Centerfold- Not Perforated- 75 Gauge

Multi-Layered Film - Heat Shrinkable - Used With Classic-I Bar Sealer - Available in 50, 75, and 100 Gauge. Roll Diameter approx. 10" Weight approx. 25 lbs

9" Smoothee Squeegee

The Clean Sweep Squeegee that outperforms all other squeegees. Unbreakable handle. Soft rubber blade. Acid resistant. Long life. Scratch free. Lock-in blade. Perfect for prints. Ideal for applying window film.

AB Dick/ Crestline Fountain Bottle & Valve

High density rigid bottles cannot collapse under use. Positive flow aluminum valve maintains uniform water level. Leakproof. Quart bottle graduated in ounces and easy to read ratio on one side.

ACME Office Shears - 7"

High quality stainless steel office shears. Great for all cutting jobs.
From $3.35

Arc Carbon 7 mm x 6" - Box of 50

Copper-Clad rods ensure uniform burns. Highest intensity arcs available

Bars for ABD 375/9800

-For AB Dick 360, 375, 9820, 9840, and 9850 -Made with Durable Metal -Impervious to blanket wash and other chemicals -Comes complete with necessary hardwares

BBA Photo Lamp


Black Book Tape 1" x 60 Yards - Each

** Discontinued size - while supplies last