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Lens Cleaning Paper - 50 Sheets

Lens Cleaning Paper is a soft, absorbent paper, that is safe for use on the finest lenses. The paper is lint-free and chemically pure. Package Contains 50 3" x 5" sheets.

Changing Bag 17 x 17


Changing Bag 27 x 30


Kalt Stainless Steel Reel for 1-35mm 36 exp.

These high quality tanks and reels will last for years with virtually no upkeep. All tanks come with light-tight, easy fill plastic lids and caps. The 7" and 12" tanks come with metal lift rods.

Sima CapKeeper 1- 102 AVAILABLE

Don't lose another lens cap. For cameras with fixed lenses. One end of CapKeeper attaches to lens cap with superstick adhesive, the other end attaches to camera body 'O' rings.

CPM Filter Funnel

Heavy duty poly with 200 micron stainless steel mesh filter screen. Hang tap. 16 oz.

CPM Projection Print Scale

Gives perfect exposure every time. Saves paper and chemistry. Easy to use 4"x5". Eight pie wedges of calibrated, graduated density show the number of seconds after one test exposure.

Plastic Lens Cap

These high quality, plastic Snap-In lens Caps allow for quick, easy on/easy off protection. Spring-tab, positive locking action. Have one for each of your interchangeable lenses. Please choose size below.

5-way Red Safelight 5X7

Equipped with 15 watt #8881 bulb and 6 ft cord with on/off switch

Sandmar Fireball Safelight-Red Junior

Junior Size Screws into any standard light socket Gives 360 light coverage

Archival Plus Clear File 35mm Negatives, 100 Pages

Each page holds 6 strips of 6 frames