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5-way Amber Safelight 5X7

Equipped with 15 watt #8881 bulb and 6 ft cord with on/off switch

5-way Red Safelight 5X7

Equipped with 15 watt #8881 bulb and 6 ft cord with on/off switch

Blow Off Dust Gun - 10 oz.

Squeeze the valve and watch dust disappear! Dust Gun safely cleans cameras, lenses, filters, slides, negatives, computers, video equipment, delicate micro-miniature assemblies and more. Absolutely nonflammable and 100% safe to the earth's ozone layer. Pressurized can includes snorkel extension tube to get at hard-to-reach places.

Camera Care Kit

Lens Cleaning kit includes blower brush, bottle of lens cleaning fluid and 25 sheet package of lens cleaning tissue.

Chemical Storage Tanks

Premier extra heavy translucent polyethylene. Graduated in half gallon increments. Complete with fast flow faucet and a cover to prevent contamination. Accessory floating lids included

CPM Filter Funnel

Heavy duty poly with 200 micron stainless steel mesh filter screen. Hang tap. 16 oz.

Developing Print Tongs

7" long, set of 3.

Ilford Filter Set - 3.5"x3.5"

12 Multigrade Filters allows user to match negatives to their needed printing grades using one box of Multigrade paper.

Ilford Multigrade Developer 5-Liter

Ilford Multigrade Developer is a rapid liquid concentrate dimezone-s/hydroquinone print developer suitable for the dish/tray developing of all black and white photographic papers both RC(resin coated), and traditional FB (fiber based) types. Multigrade developer is usually used at a dilution of 1+9 but for greater development control and economy it can be used at 1+14. Multigrade developer is clean working, has excellent keeping properties and gives a neutral image tone with most papers. Multigrade developer is designed for use at ambient room temperatures, nominally 20°C/68°F. It is not recommend for use with high temperature or machine processing applications.

Kodak Dektol Powder Developer, Makes 1 Gallon

Kodak Dektol Paper Developer, 1 Gallon mix For Black and White photographic Paper Development Powder concentrate mixes to 1 Gallon with water
From $19.99

Kodak HC-110 Film Developer

Liquid concentrate B&W Film Developer. Highly active solution. Can be replenished or used one-shot. For normal or push-processing.

Kodak Indicator Stop Bath - Makes 8 Gal.

Kodak Professional INDICATOR STOP BATH is a general purpose liquid non-hardening stop bath for both films and papers. It contains an indicator to signal exhaustion by turning darker in color. For use dilute 1 part concentrate with 63 parts of water. Small quantities may be mixed as needed.

Kodak Powder Fixer - Gallon

This general-purpose hardening fixer is for films, plates and papers. It mixes to working strength. Powder makes 1 Gallon.
From $16.76