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SBQ Photopolymer Emulsions

Ready-to-use (one-pail) direct emulsions that provide ultra-fast exposure times. These emulsions are fully premixed and presensitized, and must be handled only under yellow safe light conditions before exposure.

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Ulano Orange, Select Size

Ulano Orange, a pre-sensitized (ready-to-use), pure photopolymer (SBQ) textile emulsion for imprinted sportswear printing. Orange is formulated with a “masking color” that reduces halation—the reflection and scattering of light in screen mesh during exposure—a major cause of loss of resolution, the closing up of fine lines and details. One would expect a “masking color” to slow the exposure speed of an emulsion drastically, but that does not happen with Orange! It is ultra-fast-exposing! It is perfect for shops with high stencil making throughput, as well as shops with fluorescent tubes or other low-intensity light sources. Orange has high viscosity (6,000 – 8,000 centipoise) that improves control when coating screens by hand and makes Orange a good choice for coarse mesh. Its high solids content (44 - 46%) results in better mesh bridging, especially on coarse mesh, good edge definition, and fast drying. Orange is resistant to plastisol inks, most washup solvents, and some come commonly-used water-based textile inks. It is easy to reclaim in automatic stencil removal equipment or by hand. Stencils made with Orange are extremely durable, will not become tacky under high humidity conditions, and have excellent wet strength and exposure latitude. Orange is formulated to reduce stencil-making time--in coating (because of its high viscosity), drying (due to its high solids), and exposure (its high photo-sensitivity despite its “masking color”).

Ulano QLT - Gallon


Ulano QTX, Select Size

QTX is a presensitized, ready-to-use, ultra-fast-exposing SBQ photopolymer direct emulsion for imprinted sportswear printing with plastisol and water-based textile inks. QTX has an extended shelf life.