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#31 Sprayway Crazy Clean

*Multi-purpose cleaner for auto detailers, glass/mirror handlers, industrial maintenance, housekeeping personnel, or sign/display tradesmen. *Clinging foam cleans and deodorizes. *Removes hand prints, scuff and crayon marks, grease spots, soot stains, and smoke film. *Produces sparkling results when used on hard surfaces; on window sills or venetian blinds.

Sprayway #50 Glass Cleaner (Previously #40)

*Anti-static formulation *Designed for picture framers, printers, artists, screen printers, sign makers, and sewing trade personnel. *Leaves no film, streaks, scratches, or residue. *For use on copy boards, lenses, negatives, and stripping tables. *Can be used safely on many surfaces including Formica, chrome, porcelain, and plastics. *Contains no ammonia.

#383 Sprayway Fast Tack Web Pallet Adhesive

*Economy-type adhesive for textile screen printers who work with sweatshirts and other heavier materials. *Bonds easily to cloth, paper, cardboard, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber, and leather. *Repositionable without losing strength. *Non-staining; fabric will not shift during screen printing process.

Sprayway #87 Spray Adhesive

*High-performance spray adhesive for artists, picture framers, printers; sign/display and industrial maintenance. *Provides temporary or permanent bonds on lightweight materials. *Speeds production for faster part assembly. *Industrial-grade; fast-drying; heat- and water-resistant. *Low soak-in rate; provides more coverage, stronger bonds.

Sprayway #89 Fast Tack Specialty Adhesive

*Instant tack. *Non-Staining / Non-Transferable. *Repositionable adhesive. *No chlorinated solvents.

Sprayway #201 Plastic Spray

*Clear acrylic protective coating for use by artists, printers, picture framers, and screen printers. *Protects artwork, proofs, photos, blueprints, etc. from aging, yellowing or smudging. *Highly-flexible, water-repellent, quick-drying. *Safe to use on watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil, and colored ink renderings. *DISCONTINUED*

#203 Sprayway Rubber Roller Cleaner & Rejuvenator

*Cleans and revitalizes ink-laden, hardened rubber rollers and blankets in the print shop. *Restores smooth surfaces and increases productivity. *Removes glaze from gum, friction, ink, coatings, oxidation, and light embossing.

Sprayway #945 Silicone Spray

*Stops squealing, sticking, and binding of machinery. *Dries rapidly; leaves no greasy or oily film. *Retards corrosion; makes cleaning easier and quicker. *Protects and preserves equipment. *Saves time and labor. *Speeds cutting and sewing; facilitates fabric flow. *Prevents power tools from binding. *Long lasting residual performance.

Sprayway #950 Ink Anti Skin-No Wash Up

*For the busy graphic printer, screen print and sign/display shop that may experience longer-term stoppages such as overnight or weekends. *Used properly, prevents ink skinning on press rollers, in press fountains, and in ink cans. *Delays the drying of inks on screens. *Works with any type of ink.

Sprayway #955 Anti-Static Spray

*Counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust; prevent materials from feeding properly or "shock" equipment operators. *Helps prevent data loss and damage to a computer's memory. *Use on natural or synthetic rugs and carpeting; furniture, drapes, and chairs. *Can also be used on metal rollers, drive belts; scanners, electronic image processors.

Sprayway All Purpose Dry Lubricant & Release Agent SW-077

Economical Lubricant/ release agent for professional and industrial trade use Stops Squeaks, prevents corrosion, lubricates window channels, moveable auto parts Prevents sticking, speeds production, cuts cleanup time Reduces friction on paper cutters, knives, drills, etc Helps equipment last longer, work harder