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Patent-pending UltraWraps™ offer three significant improvements over other mug wraps on the market – ease of use, reliability, and versatility.



A quick release mechanism makes UltraWraps™ easier to use than other heat wraps, pressing and releasing by hand in just a few seconds. No additional tools are needed.



Designed for dependability, UltraWraps™ stretch easily and hug tightly. Their unique design delivers a complete top-to-bottom image without any voids, even when the item tapers, slopes or curves. With the right design, you can even print a continuous image if there is no handle. Easy to follow instructions and free design templates help you correctly apply images onto tapered and conical objects.



Versatile UltraWraps™ have been tested extensively on a variety of products with great success. Standard UltraWraps™ are available for 11 oz., 13 oz., and 15 oz. mugs, 16 oz Frosted Steins, 22 oz German Steins, Pet Bowls, Shot Glasses, Vases, Votives, Cookie Jars, and Espresso Cups. Laser also makes custom wraps for specialty products.



“UltraWraps™ are the perfect imprinting solution for many products that heat presses and other wraps can’t offer,” says Cary Green, president of Laser. “They can be used to decorate small orders in a toaster oven, or large orders on a conveyor line.”